Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One of the Weirdest things I've ever seen

So we are all used to the gross and bloody pictures of the pro-life camp. The abortion is murder signs, the stop killing our unborn children stuff. Well the pro-lifer's have a new strategy. See Brittany Spears (on right) The sculpture is the latest in the pro-life campaign… sort of… Here is the description of the statue, "The life-size pop princess is naked and pregnant, crouching face-down on a bare-toothed bear rug as the baby's head appears on the opposite end." check out the ABC story. Bizarre!! Even as I write this I wonder if I really want to put this on my blog.... and yet it is so fascinatingly weird that I feel compelled to do it..... this is so weird. Anyway if you care, the sculpture is Daniel Edwards and he has a website you can look at... anyway I should get back to work. I’m preaching on Sunday so I should really start digging into it.
What did Jesus mean when He said, “Deliver us from evil.” What was the evil He was talking about, Satan, Man, Sin, the Roman Empire…. Hmmmm so many questions.

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