Thursday, April 13, 2006

Last Night

Last night was AWESOME!!! I think that it was by far one of my favorite youth nights so far! To start the night I got to see Cody and Stefan, you have no idea how good it is to see people that know you from the past! Cody used to have the room right on the right of my room and Stefan had the room on my left, so it was like being back in the dorms for a little while! All this to say, it was encouraging to have them in my town, in my new Church.... and now for some history...

Four days ago I phoned up Cody and said, "Hey do you want to get a team together and come out and lead worship for our youth?" Cody said yes, and started to look for a worship team. Well last night we had a worship night/ Journey To The Cross, and it was incredible! Considering that Cody's band hadn't practiced and we had no order of service or great plans, things went very smoothly (Maybe we need to just relax more in our church services and let the band play according to the spirit, let people talk when the spirit leads, instead of planning out our services all the time…. Thoughts for another day.)
Last night was one of those times when the Spirit opens your eyes and you can see how He is moving and working. For me it was a very encouraging time and it was great to have the band play... I think that Cody's skill as a worship leader has grown by leaps and bounds since he was Chapel band leader @ Bethany... and he was pretty good then. It was awesome to praise Jesus for the cross and His great love and majesty.

Well, while we were singing upstairs we kept sending youth downstairs to walk through 13 stations that lead you through the last supper, crucifixion, and resurrection. I had gone down on Monday and thought it was so awesome. Last night after all of the youth left, I went back downstairs and read the prayers that they had written on the walls. It was so amazing! I really don’t have the words to express to you how I felt.

But allow me to share two of my highlights from My Journey.

The first thing that really stuck out to me was at a little table where there were 30 pieces of silver for you to hold as you reflected on what Judas must have been thinking and feeling (by the way the Catholic is looking at the life of Judas again and he may be given the title of Saint). One of the thoughts that went through my mind, is that 30 coins is so little, it is hardly worth anything, and yet it cost Jesus His life. How often to I nail Jesus to the cross for nothing, for a small selfish choice that leads to sin....

The other moment that really stuck out to me was when I held a thick rough rope, and thought about how they tied Jesus and took him away, and the pain that he must have endured, just from the tight knots they would have tied around his arms... never mind a nail through the wrist. To think at any moment he could have said, "enough" and left the cross behind, and instead he chose to say, "It is finished." Even though all the pain and humiliation, he died for me.... and you.

Well last night was awesome, it was great to see God move, always encouraging! Anyway I have a few things to wrap up this morning and then it’s off to Hepburn for grad!! Time for family, friends, and some time to relax!

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Ben said...

That is great that the youth loved the event so much. The journey to cross is amazing. I took my three girls through it yesterday. The story of Jesus became more real to them (at least I hope it did).