Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hired Guns

So from time to time I read about this thing called perpetual adolescents. That is, when people who are at the age where they should be more concerned about starting families, making money, listening to classical music and thinking of adult type things, decide to live at home, play video games, pierce their ears, and listen to rap music... or something like that. Well it should come as no surprise that this will eventual create a society that is so bored that they come up with all sorts of crazy ideas to keep the adrenaline flowing. Here is one of the newest crazes for the adrenaline, not quite grown up person.

It's Called

Basically this is what happens:
At the start of the game you will receive a manila envelope containing the following:
-A picture of your intended target(s)
-The home address of your intended target(s)
-The work address of your intended target(s)
-The name of your intended target(s)
-Contact information of your intended target(s)

Upon receipt of these items, your (or your team's) mission is to find and kill (by way of water gun, water balloon or super soaker) your target(s).
You can hunt your target down any way you see fit; you can pose as a delivery person and jack them when they open the door, disguise yourself and take them out on the street, etc.
If you are successful in your assassination attempt, the person you killed will give you their envelope and the person they were supposed to kill becomes your new target.

This continues until you work yourself through all the players and retrieve the envelope with your (or your team's) picture(s) and name(s). Then you win. Cash…but first live in fear.

I gotta say this sounds AWESOME!!! .... but for some reason I just don't think it would work in Altona.


Keith said...

hey a little credit here

Nathan said...

Sorry dude, but my banner does say that the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources... so.... I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you know....
Oh and by the way to the rest of the World. Keith told me about this... or I should say reminded me, 'cause street wars was part of a CSI New York a while ago...

Paul Morgun said...

Hey Nathan, got to your blog through Gil's links, some how i feel like im talking to an older Josh, thats right yoru bro is in my youth and this video strikes me as something he would LOVE, maybe will try something like this in Hepburn...alhtough we used to play that game in Briercrest with elastic bands...so its a rip offf! :) anyways...peace man, sweet video...