Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mac vs PC

So Jared introduced me to these sweet and very funny commercials (view here) about how Macs are better than PC (which I would agree with). Well like everything on the web there are now spoofs of these commercials. Very funny. If you haven't seen the originals check those out first. And if you have sensitive ears (aka you want to avoid any profanity) stop watching when it says version 1.3.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How It SHOULD Have Ended

So have you ever just watched a movie and at the end you were like, "Man that was the worst ending ever!" Well here is the answer How it Should Have Ended is a website that has created some great new endings to some great movies. Here are some of the best.

Lord Of The Rings


Matrix Revolutions

Willy Wonka

Saving Private Ryan (this ones really good)

How To Survive an Alien Attack (This is REALLY good)

Star Wars

The Middle East???

So Niki and I don't get any reception on our TV so I haven't watched the news in quite a while... But I find this whole Lebanon/Israel thing rather interesting. Now normally I stay away from the world of politics, especially since I have to admit that I am fairly ignorant. But I found this interesting scene in Robert Ludlum's book The Icarus Agenda. Now it is a fictional book, but it does look at both sides of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

The first comment I found interesting was, "Terrorists aren't born they are raised." We've seen the Palestinians commit suicide bombings, and then Israel respond with incredible brutality. On both sides there are children who have seen their parents murdered right in front of them, ripped away in an instant. And what happens to these children? They grow up nursing a hate of those who hurt them and their family. In essence they are raised to become terrorists (At this point I would like to say that I believe what Israel is doing now is very much a terrorist act). When a child is born they are not immediately a terrorist or a soldier, but they are taught to hate and fear.

Listen to this excerpt from Ludlum's book.
"They want to escalate, always escalate, always pointing to an adversary who himself has escalated to the top of his economic and technological ladder. Where the hell do we stop? Where do they stop? When do we stop giving our children nightmares because all they hear is the G**D*** promise of annihilation? When do their kids stop hearing it? Or do we just keep going up in this elevator designed in hell until we can’t come down any longer, which won't make much difference anyway because all the streets outside will be in flames."

It seems like what our world needs is some common sense. We need to see the human on the other side, to walk in their shoes, to see how our actions hurt others, to love our neighbor. We live in this culture of fear. There is some enemy that wants to come and take over our country and if we don't protect ourselves we will all be killed. So we teach our children about the monster on the other side of the wall, the Arab becomes the bad guy, because he’s an Arab. Israel becomes a land grabbing monster. And we continue to escalate until... what?? Until we all annihilate ourselves? Perhaps I over simplify things, but it is sure what it looks like to me. We raise our children in a culture of fear and they will continue to carry on this cycle of buying more weapons so that we can be safe. It is a culture of fear that makes us consume..... hmmm that reminds be of something Marilyn Manson said in Bowling for Columbine "You're watching television, you're watching the news, you're being pumped full of fear, there's floods, there's AIDS, there's murder, cut to commercial, buy the Acura, buy the Colgate, if you have bad breath they're not going to talk to you, if you have pimples, the girl's not going to f#@% you, and it's just this campaign of fear, and consumption, and that's what I think it's all based on, the whole idea of 'keep everyone afraid, and they'll consume."
Here’s a little video that shows what I mean…

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You Can Call Me Professor

So this sweet little opportunity has come my way, and I'm super pumped for it!! Winkler Bible Camp runs a year long program called Cross Current which is sort of a discipleship/Bible school program (Students who attend here will get almost a years worth of credits from SBC) part of this program is classes that are taught by a variety of SBC profs as well as pastors from around the area. Well last winter I phoned them up and said, "Hi, I'm not experienced at this, but I would love to try my hand at teaching." Well I just got the word that I am on for November! That's right this young punk is now going to be teaching in a postsecondary setting! Needless to say, I'm very thankful to WBC for giving me a shot. I have been very fortunate in my life that there are places like WBC, Bethany, and the church I'm in now that are willing to take a risk and let a young inexperienced person take some leadership. So the scoop is basically this, I'm going to be teaching a four day class two and a half hours a day in November. The topic is pretty much wide open. I can do Church History, Practical Theology, or any book from the NT or OT. So I'm going to have to sit down for a bit here and decide what I'm going to do and then begin the class prep... so if you guys feel like praying for me that would be awesome.

Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm Back!! Did you miss me?

So here I am, back in the office. It was a very nice relaxing week off after conference. Niki and I went to Niagara falls for a night, stayed in a trashy hotel (but only a 10 minute walk from the falls) and then went out to my grandma's cottage for a week. We had planned on staying a little longer, but we started to miss our house and our own bed, so we packed up and drove home. I’m sure pictures will follow either on my blog or Niki’s.

This morning I came in too a flood of emails (mostly not important) and the realization that we are leaving for St. Laurent in two weeks. So much to do… but I'm really looking forward to it. I have to say though, one of the best parts about being in the office is the air conditioning. Yesterday was SO hot in our house! I would have gotten into the car and driven around for a few hours... but on the way to Ontario we sort of discovered that the AC in our car doesn't work... so it's nice to come to office and put on a sweatshirt and parka and work. One of the other things I've done is catch up on some friends lives. And I caught this request from Betty, so here you are Betty, the prayer scene from Talladega Nights: The ballad of Ricky Bobby:

Thursday, July 06, 2006


So here we are, day three in Ontario... or day four I guess, It's a little after midnight and I'm chilling in our hotel room. Niki has already gone to sleep, but I'm just not at all tired. I guess it all started when we drove here on Monday. I was so wired in the car that I probably only slept for three or four hours. The rest of the time I was wide awake and driving (20 some hours). I don't think I've ever spent so much time behind the wheel, but he what can I say, I wasn't tired so we just drove. It's nice being here and sort of being away from work and all that... but having said that I was so relieved to find out that we have internet in our room. I was starting to go banana’s without some blogging and email. WHEW!! I had no idea I was so addicted.

Conference is interesting. The EMMC conference is much more diverse than I thought and there is a wide variety of people. So the people are cool, but I'm not a big fan of meetings so the thought of two more days of sitting listening to people talk doesn't interest me at all, but I'll put on a bold face and hopefully it will be better than I'm thinking it will be. The speaker that we have is interesting and he certainly speaks with a passion that comes out of a great love for God. I'm looking forward to what I can learn from him this weekend.

Well I should probably shut this down and get some sleep. But before I go here's a sweet little song I saw on Much Music yesterday. It's basically about a boy and his dad. I thought it was nice and light, a real change to some of the heavy “My dad was an idiot and I hate him” (See Three Day’s Grace) type of music out there. So take a listen to Nizlopi's - JCB Song.