Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You Can Call Me Professor

So this sweet little opportunity has come my way, and I'm super pumped for it!! Winkler Bible Camp runs a year long program called Cross Current which is sort of a discipleship/Bible school program (Students who attend here will get almost a years worth of credits from SBC) part of this program is classes that are taught by a variety of SBC profs as well as pastors from around the area. Well last winter I phoned them up and said, "Hi, I'm not experienced at this, but I would love to try my hand at teaching." Well I just got the word that I am on for November! That's right this young punk is now going to be teaching in a postsecondary setting! Needless to say, I'm very thankful to WBC for giving me a shot. I have been very fortunate in my life that there are places like WBC, Bethany, and the church I'm in now that are willing to take a risk and let a young inexperienced person take some leadership. So the scoop is basically this, I'm going to be teaching a four day class two and a half hours a day in November. The topic is pretty much wide open. I can do Church History, Practical Theology, or any book from the NT or OT. So I'm going to have to sit down for a bit here and decide what I'm going to do and then begin the class prep... so if you guys feel like praying for me that would be awesome.


Gil said...

Congrats Nate, glad to hear you're getting the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Hey Corky, how's it going? it's been a long time. I'm not sure if you will actually get this as this is an old post but hopefully you'll get this. I just want to say good on ya for taking this opportunity. I taught a class as well at WBC. It was awesome. I made some mistakes but all in all it was a great experience for me and the students as well. I'll be praying. -Kevin Fehr