Thursday, July 06, 2006


So here we are, day three in Ontario... or day four I guess, It's a little after midnight and I'm chilling in our hotel room. Niki has already gone to sleep, but I'm just not at all tired. I guess it all started when we drove here on Monday. I was so wired in the car that I probably only slept for three or four hours. The rest of the time I was wide awake and driving (20 some hours). I don't think I've ever spent so much time behind the wheel, but he what can I say, I wasn't tired so we just drove. It's nice being here and sort of being away from work and all that... but having said that I was so relieved to find out that we have internet in our room. I was starting to go banana’s without some blogging and email. WHEW!! I had no idea I was so addicted.

Conference is interesting. The EMMC conference is much more diverse than I thought and there is a wide variety of people. So the people are cool, but I'm not a big fan of meetings so the thought of two more days of sitting listening to people talk doesn't interest me at all, but I'll put on a bold face and hopefully it will be better than I'm thinking it will be. The speaker that we have is interesting and he certainly speaks with a passion that comes out of a great love for God. I'm looking forward to what I can learn from him this weekend.

Well I should probably shut this down and get some sleep. But before I go here's a sweet little song I saw on Much Music yesterday. It's basically about a boy and his dad. I thought it was nice and light, a real change to some of the heavy “My dad was an idiot and I hate him” (See Three Day’s Grace) type of music out there. So take a listen to Nizlopi's - JCB Song.


Karis said...

I love how all my family is in Ontario and I'm stranded in Hepburn. Not gonna lie, I'm so jealous I could cry. I do hope you have a good time though (have twice the fun for me).

P.S. you should read my blog (

Sheldon Mathies said...

I liked the song! Definately different than everything else you hear. By the way, don't gloat too much over winning the Alumni Cup because my Alumni team is going to come out of the woodwork yet and win it ourselves any year now!

betty said...

Hey nat-an.
ok so i definetly love that song...i cried in teh middle of it when it gets all hot and fast with the intensity and the repitition and all....i need to write and play dang...good music that opens our eyes dang...just makes me think all i want to do is sing and laugh adn tell stories all thanks for sharing bud

Anonymous said...

go to the blog
sign up for a cabin...
you and niki can share one...i guess....thanks!

Freezer said...

It was good connecting with you again, in beautiful Ontario. You should definitely join the Friesen extravaganza mass course of distruction at Briercrest. We will let you know which one it will be.