Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Explosive News

Hey, so I wasn't sure if I was going to have time to write today, starting to feel the pressure of sermon prep, but I think things are moving along nicely now. Who knew that "Deliver us from evil." would be such a huge topic.

Anyway, today I was waiting for Niki to finish work and I was listening to the news on CBC radio and Altona had this big exciting story, so I thought I'd share the highlights. Basically what happened is the volunteers at MCC (a great place by the way) were going through a bunch of stuff that had been donated, and what did they find? A 50 year old Anti-Aircraft shell. So they called the cops, and the police came and locked it in a weapons depot until the army could come out and take care of it. Apparently it had been fired but never exploded, so there was actually a chance that it could go off... Sounds just like the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I watched a while ago. I guess that a few weeks ago a teacher in California (don't quote me on that) had a shell, similar to this one, that he used as a paper weight, and one day it blew up and took of his hand and a bit of his face... Well glad that didn't happen here. On the noon program today they were interviewing the Altona Chief of Police as well as the corporal who disposed of the shell. I guess the police are looking for the guy who donated the shell… shouldn’t be too hard in a town of pacifists. Yup! Just an average day in Altona.


matt said...

What Irony!
Guess that was the first time that MCC EVER handled an explosive before--at least in Altona. Sounds like that was the biggest news to hit Altona in a long time.

Erin Jayne said...

oh my gosh that was an amazing episode of greys anatomy!! wow.