Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Life In Altona

So the rumor mill is working over time in Winkler. I mentioned a few weeks ago about a anti-aircraft shell that was found at the MCC here in Altona, well in Winkler they heard that a WHOLE bunch of shells were found in the EMMC Church parking lot.... yup folks look out, the pacifists are stocking up!

In my last post I mentioned three things I like: Moving, Music, and video games... well I don't like moving any more.... I DO like unpacking and decorating, but moving sucks.... I thought I would put this here so that the next time I think about a move I'll remember.... not so fun. The highlight of the move was when we were using the trucks to move our furniture, and we had put a box of books on top of the dresser... true it looked pretty peccaries but it was heavy and seemed pretty sturdy. Well we did really well until the busiest corner in Altona (right by the MCC) when BLAM!!!!!! the box fell off and EXPLODED on the road. Books EVERYWHERE! It was really funny. The poor guy driving, he felt so bad. I just thought it was funny, good times. Fortunately all the books were just kids books and there wasn’t anything there that had sentimental value… or was worth reading over and over again.

Well here are few things worth checking out. Sticky Pad This is.... well its a sticky pad for your desk top. Thanks Dan, very handy

Optus Tennis is a game that I find very difficult (stupid wall throws off the bounce) anyway so far I only have five.... but I'm a lefty.


Incoming... said...

uhm 21 er uhm what?

Erica R said...

I am stunned and awed by the sticky pad. Amazing! ....

Thank you for making me aware of this great service!

Nick Boschman said...

so uh i got 210 on my first try, i'm not sure what it proves though, other than i may have too much time on my hands.