Friday, April 21, 2006

3 of my favorite things, Moving, Music, Video Games

So it is Friday... or in this McCorkindale house it is moving day! ... sort of... well not really.... but we can pretend. Last night after youth we went to our new house and got the keys, so today we are going to move all the breakable stuff, and little things that we haven't packed yet. Also we need to do the hydro and phone... all those little things. My guess is what is going to happen is we are going to start moving, and then we will move everything that we can fit into our car (and some stuff that doesn't) and all that will be left to move tomorrow is the furniture... patience has never been a strong suit. So I discovered this great band the other day so I thought I would share them with the rest of you they are called The Fray they were touring with Weezer in 2005, and have a coldplayesk type sound. It's getting lots of plays on my itunes. They are Christians but they don't want a mere label to be their sole identifier... I like that... You can read about them in the March/April edition of Relevant Magazine Some other great music to check out is the new Stavesacre. A classic Christian Rock band coming out with a sweet new album!

One final tidbit of news. It seems as though the new Left Behind Eternal Forces video game is raising a bit of a stir. Apparently it shares a lot in common with Grand Theft Auto... except instead of being a gang banger you get to be a "Prayer Warrior" Just read the article... It's pretty interesting. Here's my favorite quote
"You've got a generation of boys in this country who are spending sometimes dozens of hours a week blowing away people," Thompson said. "Now they're going to have the opportunity to do it in a Christian setting and, you know, where does it stop?"

I didn't know I could "blow people away" in a Christian setting... cool!

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Anonymous said...

I had fun moving with you yesterday and the day before. I love our new home. A hundred and fifty paces from the church, eh? Wow, that's closer than I thought. At least we can't see the church from there...unless we look in that particular direction. Oh well. I love it and I love you. Looking forward to making it more and more home with you.
Your Princess