Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So it was wonderful to be in Hepburn for a few days. It was really nice to sit and relax with my family, watch three hours of CSI with Jared, sitting on Koehn's deck with him and Kevin. Grad was pretty fun too (and now I am dreading CMU's... I just don't think it will be as much fun... sorry Alicia)... yup it was good to be in Saskatchewan. But the real news is, I FINALLY WON!!!! First we had to wait 30 minutes to get our food from Tim Hortons in Yorkton, but it paid off!! As I rolled up the rim I finally saw something other than that evil, malicious, "Please Play Again!" But this time the cup did not mock me, it did not taunt me to try again, instead it told me that I had WON A COFFEE!!! True it is no TV, or RAV 4 but at least I got something... they say the odds of winning are 1/9 and it took me 9 coffees to finally win, but at least I won :D

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