Thursday, April 27, 2006

United Church

So I was flipping channels at lunch and I caught this commercial. I thought it raises some interesting questions. While I disagree with the line that the United Church has drawn in terms of not turning people away, and accepting sin. I do think that this commercial really shows a Biblical truth. Jesus did except people, and allow them to come to Him.... even.... the Samaritans (*gasp). It is unfortunate when the Church gets the "Bouncer" mentality. I think we need to become less like the Disciples keeping the children away, and more like Jesus, inviting people to walk with him, even those who might seem a little sketchy (if you know what I mean). Anyway watch and let me know what you think



lilene said...

okay, that commercial is hilarious. I love it. I wish it was for an evangelical congregation. It's so cool when christians have the ability to do something witty and good quality. You don't see that too often. While I don't agree with the stand that the united church takes on some things I do have to applaud them for their willingness to accept anyone into their congregation. Now if only they could move beyond acceptance and challenge people to become like Christ, not just be loved by him, that'd be great!

Nathan said...

Hey Lisa, I agree totally with your comment that we need to move beyond acceptance, and into challenging people to be like Christ. My! what a way with words you have :D However, I think that the tragedy of Protestantism is that we try to do the challenging before they even know Christ. I'm thinking of this quote but Brian McLaren in A New Kind Of Christian. Where Neo is talking about how the emergent church will need to be less denominational and more centered on Christ. I think that there are some real lessons for us to learn from the United church, and I think that they have a few things that they need to learn from us.... It's too bad we have this "them or us" mentality, when if we could take the strengths from the "liberal" churches and the strengths from the "conservative" churches we would come up with the sort of Church God is looking for.... but then again I could be a heretic.