Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Joy and Sorrow

It is with mixed feelings that I write today’s post. Yesterday my Grandma McCorkindale, or as I have called her since I can remember, Little Grandma, passed away. There is both joy and sorrow in this. She has been sick for a while and in and out of the hospital, and we knew it was time for her to go. As well in the past few years she had really started to pursue Christ, and was making things right between her and God, so it is with great excitement that I look forward to being with her again! I am also so glad that my dad was able to be there and hold her as she died. He was there recite scripture, pray with her, and let her know that she was loved by us. In some way it makes it easier knowing that dad was there, like some part of me was there with her as well.

I'm going to miss her. The popsicles that we ate every time we were there, her apartment with the stuff from her and grandpa's trips, The English mints in the glass jar with the cork top, playing cards with her. Grandma is the person who gave me my first loan so that I could buy my first car… and for that matter the loan for my second car. I loved two summers ago when I was paying off my car. Each month I would write her a letter and send the cheque with it, and shortly after I would receive a letter back. I think that perhaps that summer I was closer to her than I had ever been before....

I think one of the greatest tragedies of human life is that as a child you don't care about all the things they could tell you and teach you, and then once you are old enough it's too late. I am so glad that I called her a few weeks ago, just to tell her what I was doing, and that I loved her. I'm glad I don't have to regret not telling her something before she died, and I’m glad I could tell her I loved her.

Well to those of you who read this, I wish you could have known my Little Grandma, I know she would have enriched your life like she did mine. So here's to you grandma.


Gil said...

Sorry for your loss Nate, she sounds like a wonderful woman.

steph said...

Hello (first session LIT steph here )
I havent dropped by in a while so i decided to come by and say hi.

Im so sorry to hear about your families loss nathan, but im glad you and your dad got to be with her and you knew things were made right. Theres a comfort in that.

Ill pray for your family and your loss.