Friday, March 31, 2006

Some Light Stuff For Today!

Thanks Dave for the Comic.

And now for the results that you have been waiting for. Here are the offical results for the poll I had on the right.
The question:
Which Band would you like to perform a private show for you and your friends?
The Answer:
1) U2 38%
2) Jack Johnson 18%
3) Josh Groban 15%
4) Johnny Cansh 12%
5) Dave Matthews Band 9%
6) Other 6%
7) Sloan 3%
Tied for Last

Emery 0%
Underoath 0%
Andy Hunter 0%

Check out the new poll, Would You Rather???? And remember Vote now, vote often!
And now (in honour of our winning band) A little video

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