Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh you Americans..... always wanting to be more like us! That's right the Federal reserve is releasing a New Ten Dollar Bill that is..... (drum roll please) MORE COLORFUL! While it's not quite as good as ours, at least they are trying.

And on another note, this story from
Relevant Magazine,

"Domino’s Pizza founder and multimillionaire Tom Monaghan is planning on building his own
piece of heaven outside of Naples, Fla. The devout Catholic is bankrolling the town of Ava Maria, a small city that will uphold Monaghan’s strict Catholic beliefs. The project has drawn attention on both sides, including the ACLU and the Pope."

It is a interesting story. Tom Monghan is footing the initial costs for 11,000 homes, a cathedral, and a Catholic University. He has also asked that whichever pharmaceutical company he allows in, not sell contraceptives (which could make for an interesting legal battle in the future).

As much as I hate to bring up Velvet Elvis again.... Rob Bell points towards a number of passages where we as Christians must bring heaven to earth. The kingdom of God is here NOW, and so we must work to bring about Heaven on earth. So then the question... Is building a separate city for "Christians" the best way to do this? My initial reaction is going to be no. It seems that what they are doing is creating a separate culture and life, kind of like Christian music… You would think that by being “Christian” it would be a great evangelistic tool, but really it just ministers to Christians and doesn’t do much for the rest of the world. I hope that Ava Maria will fair better.


Erica said...


I love reading your blog... just wanted you to know. Also, have you seen the latest pics on Betty's site - hilarious! That Monaghan dude sounds crazy. Peace out yo!


lilene said...

Nathan . . . I find that you are into alot of the books and music that I'm into and I keep thinking did he introduce me to those and then I mix you up with the guy who actually did introduce me to relevant which introduced me to everything else. Anyway I am a silent reader of your blog, but tonite I'm speaking up because I need you to email me your mailing address because I still have your wedding present and you've been married almost a year already. By the way, this is your lock-up buddy from last year. Say hello to your wife for me

samrocha said...

Hi! I linked over here on a blog search, you have a cool blog… I also posted an article on the Monaghan issue in Florida, if you would like to check it out go to: