Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Look out Vince McMahon here comes the WFJ

So I am all for making Christianity more relevant to society... in fact it is one of my favorite topics to read about. I love books on the emerging church, postmodern Christianity etc... but this latest little thing really makes me scratch my head. Here is the News Story about Christians wrestling... yes there are at least THREE Christian wrestling leagues out there. You can go and check out Wrestling For Jesus or the WFJ... there is also Ultimate Wrestling For Jesus... and another one with an equally bizarre name. I don't know something about wearing spandex and proclaiming the gospel don't seem to mix well in my mind... hmm well I guess it takes all types.

In other news the Chinese government is imposing a 5% Chop stick Tax. Isn't that like telling Canadians there is going to be a 5% pond hockey tax? Well it's all in the name of saving the environment, but really CHOPSTICKS!!??

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