Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Confessions of a Movie Junkie

So I love movies... It has always been a dream of mine to work at

or... well maybe not Blockbuster but somewhere where I could get free movies and watch them all the time, and then be this super smart movie critic guy. And then I would write books about how movies show God in culture... now there are only about three problems with this dream.
1) I can't support my wife and work at Altona Video at the same time

2) I'm not super smart and I have a hard time thinking critically... much less think critically while I'm watching a movie.

3) This blog is about as close as I'll ever get to writing a book.

But maybe it is because of this love for movies that I really like the following quote:
"We need to start embracing films that might not be considered "Christian" a little bit more." Spencer Burke Practitioners pg. 88 This quote comes out of a conversation where Christian men are talking about how images (specifically movies) impact and influence us. Movies like,

Fight Club!? ... yes, it has LOTS of violence, swearing, and a bit of nudity (and I saw the TV version) but the deeper message is one that is powerful and it is fairly obvious (even to me) that there are things within that movie that Christians need to be fighting for, and against.

Again in Practitioners Craig Detweiler says that Art isn't supposed to deliver a message, It is there, "To sort of set a table for the Holy Spirit to enter into." I think this is why both Craig and Spencer like and dislike

The Passion. They like it, because it doesn't give the message... For a person who doesn't know anything about Jesus, this movie doesn't say much except that he died. But it opens the door for the Holy Spirit to move, and it opens doors for people to share. What they are scared of is that now (Because of how well the Passion did) we will make propaganda movies that push Jesus as a product to be bought into. And art isn't propaganda.


Brad and Karla said...

if i can make a living watching tvs all day, you can make a living watching movies all day. you just have to jack your prices and have a tiddy take home. thats all it takes, oh, i guess a wife that makes more than you helps. so you better come out for grad you big bum. we will be here waiting for you. Kar is going to winkler for easter but i have to work. so you should come out and stay here and we can play pingpong and eat wings. you think about it son.

Anonymous said...

if i can make a living watching tvs a

betty said...

yeah...nikki can do it...i hear you can make a KILLING in altona....: )

Erica said...

Probably your best post yet... BUT - I would suggest Rogers Video. It's the supreme movie rental store!

Anonymous said...

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