Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I stepped outside after lunch prepared for the beautiful walk back to the office. I hadn't made it twenty feet before I was stopped by an unexpected obstacle. Instead of clearing a path around the garage like he normally does, snow blower man had left a patch three feet high and five feet long right in my path. Puzzled I stopped... do I jump in and risk getting my shoes full of snow, and soaking my pants to the knees... or do I go all the way back and around the long way... where there is a mini ocean in the middle of the sidewalk? Without any more thought I JUMP!!! and land square in the middle of the snow bank. Amazingly my feet don't feel wet and there is no snow on my pants! So I begin walking to church with a dignified stride. But it doesn't take long until I am navigating across the system of lakes and rivers that stretches all the way across town, with all the grace of a Sumo Wrestler, I manage to splash water everywhere! It is about this time that I realize that my snow bank jump didn't come completely free of causalities... The snow that had packed itself in-between the sides of my shoe and my socks begins to melt and I can feel it slowly sliding down to the bottom of my foot and soaking into my socks. The cold begins to bite, and I wonder if I wouldn't have been better to go the long way... and isn't sin just like this... At first there seems to be no consequences to what I am doing, but then later it begins to seep into everything and you are left with cold, hurting, wet feet. I cut across the parking lot of the Main Street Station and come to main street, and there is my final obstacle, a huge puddle that stretches across the road from one side to the other... as I wait pondering what I will do, a large Ford drives by parting the water for me like a modern day Moses... lightly I skip across, just one toe on the peak of dry land that I can see, and THERE I AM ACROSS!!! The rest of the walk is simple... and as I walk I ask myself, "Why am I not four years old with rubber boots so that I can just walk through everything and just laugh?" Just thought I'd share the adventure I was on today... now back to my new book. I just got it in the mail today. I'm reading Practitioners (on recommendation of Dan King... by the way the cheque is in the mail) and I already love it (two paragraphs in!) I'm sure I'll be sharing a few quotes in the days to come.


Caitlin said...

Sounds like fun to me, Nate. Its been the same for me the last few days, only with added city grime, and about fifty times the car splashing, and (my personal favourite) slush in the bus.

Erin Jayne said...

that is a disturbing picture. thats all i have to say!