Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Not As Young As I Once Was

Yes it's true!! I am getting older... I am not as young as I used to be.

Just because I am WELL under thirty and a youth pastor, does not mean that my body doesn't change... Last night at our Sunday School teachers meeting I managed to down 7 pieces of pizza and two cans of coke...

and as a result, I have felt incredibly sick ever since... Now what I want to know, what happened to the good 'ole days when Kev, Steve, Trev, Tom and I would go to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet

after church and Seven pieces was a bad day... I mean 7 was like an appetizer to us... and now if I eat that much I'm done for a week... and I need to buy new pants... I'm not sure that I like where my life is going,

I long for the days of eating and eating, and eating AND then when lunch was over, asking mom what was for supper and grabbing a snack on the way out of the kitchen. I heard the other day about these men who ate 5 Big Macs for lunch... until last night I was like, yeah... I could probably do that, but now I am starting to think, "I could do that... but at what price???" Oh well. I'm up for a challenge, so if anyone wants to make me to the golden arches and buy my 5 Big Macs I'm game, give me a call!