Thursday, March 16, 2006

More Jazz

"A writer I like named Ravi Zacharias says that the heart desires wonder and magic. He says technology is what man uses to supplant the desire for wonder. Ravi Zacharias says that what the heart is really longing to do is worship, to stand in awe of a God we don't understand and can't explain." Donald Miller Blue Like Jazz pg 192

Well I've never read anything by Ravi Zacharias, but I have heard him on Sermon Jams and I really liked it. But the thing I like about Donald Miller, or Don as I call him, is that I see a lot of myself in him... or at least I want too... Right before the quote at the top he gave this incredibly insightful comment into both himself and me. He said (and I agree with him 120%) "I like things with buttons." People! This is writing at it's PINICALE!!! Those five words summed up everything I like... well, if you added flashing lights, THEN it would be everything I like... but still... I gotta say I felt more than a little convicted when I learnt that my love for flashing lights, buttons, and technology is nothing more than me supplanting my God given desire to see The Most Wondrous One! Just one more nugget for me to chew on and learn to apply.


Erin Jayne said...

Just lettin you know I can get the wednesday during spring break off, so you better have something fun planned, ill be counting on you!!

Anonymous said...

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