Friday, February 10, 2006

Youth, Survivor, The Great One, and a Laugh

Jr. Youth was cancelled last night because of the weather. So it didn't look to bad in town, but my sources said it was pretty bad outside of town, so we didn't have youth. I did go out to the hill where we were going to be sledding (to make sure that everyone knew it was cancelled) and I was able to talk to two of our girls, it made me wish that we were still having youth, every other week is just not enough.
On the plus side though I got to watch Survivor again. Niki and I are both pretty hooked. Another good twist last night, they did a "School yard pick" to take the four teams and turn them into two. Very nice, I wasn't expecting that yet. Anyway Melinda got voted off, too bad, should have been Shane, what a jerk. Anyway at least he has another week of detox, that'll be good for him.

Oh and I guess it wouldn't be a complete Canadian blog without talking about the Gretzky scandal. Here's my two cents, 25 Billion dollars a year is illegally gambled on NFL football (by the way there is more money bet on one month of NFL than a year of Baseball... because football is better) Anyway my point is simply this, the only reason they are going after this particular ring of gamblers is because it might be connected to the mob. So whatever, leave the Great One alone, he's not connected and his wife was dumb, whatever, forget it. Oh on a side note did you know that the mob's greatest source of revenue is illegal gambling? So once again I have to ask, "How does Gretzky fit?"

Finally because it's the weekend... in a few hours a small laugh for you.... following the island theme, "If you're ever shipwrecked on a tropical island and you don't know how to speak the natives' language, just say "Poppy-oomy." I bet it means something." - Jack Handey

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Erin Jayne said...

I hate watching survivor. It bores me to death, especially the "Tribal Conselles" or however you spell that. But that's just my opinion. Its just like, if you want earn that much money, and work that hard, just steal something...or go into stocks...

I dont actually watch reality shows, at least I try not to. So I stick with my favourite, That 70's Show. Yay!