Monday, February 20, 2006


So my deepest apologies for not writing for a couple days. I decided to take a sick day on Friday (woke up feeling like I was catching the flue, thank God it wasn't) and then Saturday I was at the Church Annual meeting so here were my thoughts of that...

10:00 AM
One hour into the meetingSitting at Annual meeting wondering when it’s going to be over. To make things worse I know that the Men’s hockey team is down two nothing right now. Now I don’t really mind meetings…. Well actually I do... but it’s just not how I want to spend my Saturday morning… and afternoon… sigh* Oh well I guess that’s the life of a pastor. I guess it gives me some time to work on a post for my blog. I’m really tempted to run home and get my router so I can have internet access here in the basement. Hmmmm sounds good...

5 hours later
Well I never did go get that router… man this is LONG!!! Help SAVE me!!!!!!!!!Good question to ask though was how can we work to bring the older people (20 and up) and the youth (19 and down) together in a non-intimidating way. ‘Cause lets face it, on Sunday morning I’m not that likely to go over and talk to a senior, and I don’t very often have older people come and talk with me, so what we need is a safe middle ground for us all to get together and hang out. Yup, maybe a bit of a pipe dream but still worth thinking about.

Ok so I should just say that if anything there made you think badly of me or the church, I can't be held responsible, something happens to me after sitting still for a more than two hours... I become a different person (see pic of my alter ego)!

Anyway just had to say that my past time the last couple days (and the greatest annoyance to my wife) has been Sid Meier's Pirates!! Seriously I used to play this game when it was on our computer using those big 5 inch disks. Now they've updated it, and made the graphics better etc. but the game play is still the exact same!!!! It is so relaxing to sail at 3 knots against wind and slowly bring your ship around to give the 'ole broadside to the English Ship...

man I'm such a geek! But really it is so amazing how four hours can slip by without noticing... such a good time.
Well now it's time to actually do some work

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