Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Podcasts, and Work

So yesterday I was typing up some application forms and such, while listening to both the Simply Youth Ministry and the Relevant Magazine podcasts. It was a refreshing time of learning, laughing and keeping up to date on the things of this world. Good times! Anyway while listening to the Relevant podcast I heard of a great new band... well actually it's only one guy, named Derek Webb. If you were a big Caedmons Call fan then you already know who I'm talking about. This guy spent a good 10ish years playing for this staple Christian band, before going solo. The thing that struck me about him was his profoundly deep lyrics and his heart for social justice, not to mention some sweet guitar and a great ability to write songs. So yeah feeling like some mellow songs, with challenging lyrics, check this guy out!

So now the secret is out. What do youth pastors do? Well apparently hundreds of them subscribe to Doug Field's podcast for, "Just enough youth ministry so you don't feel guilty for not working." Well I
try to multitask and do both at the same time, but I'm not really that good at that. But like I said, there are hundreds of other youth pastors all over Canada and the United states who find half an hour in their busy day to listen to Doug and his friends spew on the World Wide Web.

Just so you don't think I don't do anything here is a picture from our last Sr. Youth event at the Hill. It was pretty incredible to watch these guys go over the kicker. Now everyone knows that I actually do do some work.... sometimes.

And because I’m feeling especially patriotic today, a quote from one of the most famous Scots of all time, “There’s narely an animal alive that can out run a greased Scotsman!” Groundskeeper Willie (The Simpsons)

Feeling mildly guilty for not working as hard as a lumberjack... or Groundskeeper Willie

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betty said...

nathan...oh nathan...i had to comment again...DEREK WEBB...sorry dude..you should know...