Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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Sorry Erin, for all of you who are interested in what life is like in high school check out Erin Ginter's blog. And don't worry Erin I will add you to the list of blogs I read. There are just so many that I like to check up on...

So yesterday was Valentines day... I must say it passed without too much fanfare in our house. For most of our dating life Niki and I were either apart or had something up on Valentines day so it doesn't really mean much to us (although last year I did record a CD for her) Instead we chose to celebrate 9 months of married bliss. Hard to believe that it's been that long, and at the same time it's hard to believe it's only been nine months. I love her more each day! She really is the most incredible wife in the world!!!

Ok so enough bragging. Yesterday I was reading my issue of Discipleship Journal and I found this interesting quote to share, “Stop praying for persecution in China to end… We, in fact, are praying that the American Church might taste THE SAME PERSECUTION so revival would come (there) like we have seen in China.” - A leader of the Chinese house-church movement quoted in World, October 1, 2005

Just found that very interesting, since it goes against everything that we think we should be praying for. It fits so well with what Leonard Sweet said about Mark 4:35-41. In the storm the Disciples went for the lesser blessing in asking God to calm the storm. They could have ridden it and enjoyed the wild waves and thunder knowing that they were safe but instead they were afraid and didn’t trust God to carry them through. As a result they got less than they could have. I wonder if we as the North American church are missing out by praying for safety, and that God would spare us from the trials of persecution?

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