Friday, February 03, 2006

Deep Thoughts

"If I lived back in the wild west days, instead of carrying a six-gun in my holster, I'd carry a soldering iron. That way, if some smart-aleck cowboy said something like "Hey, look. He's carrying a soldering iron!" and started laughing, and everybody else started laughing, I could just say, "That's right, it's a soldering iron. The soldering iron of justice." Then everybody would get real quiet and ashamed, because they had made fun of the soldering iron of justice, and I could probably hit them up for a free drink." - Jack Handy

Ahh the joy of deep thoughts. How it reminds me of the good 'ole days at Bethany staring at Dave Carey's door. If you think about it I'm preaching on Sunday, and I'm still a little unsure of what is all going to come out of my mouth. Just pray that it'll be God honouring!

And for you music lovers a few more bands to listen to Triumph At Sea a post-hardcore/metal band from Altona (two of the guys are from my youth) and then one of my new favs Silence Through Injustice a post-hardcore/screamo band from Russell worth the listen. But for originality and spice make sure you go and listen to Bella


Rick McC said...
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Rick McC said...

N8 - so tell me how to do the pics!

Erin Ginter : ) said...

Hey Just wanted to say good job on your sermon today!! I usually have a hard time listening to the preacher in church, but it was interesting this time. Thanks!! Praying for you!!

Lacy said...

I have seen silence through injustice play serveral times.. they are awesome :)