Friday, February 10, 2006

Conspiracy Theory #1

Ok, so I just had coffee break and I just have to throw this theory out there. As we all know the whole Gretzky thing is still totally "alleged." Which is just a fancy word which means they have no proof that anything ever did happen. So here's my theory. Bush and the New Jersey State police are worried that Team Canada (under Gretzky) will lead Canada to another gold medal in the only winter Olympic sport that matters. So they decided that they needed to keep Gretzky from going to Italy. Well that hasn't worked but Gretzky has said that the past three days have taken a toll on him. "I'm too tired emotionally and physically to talk about this anymore (Gretzky)." So now the coach is off his game and he wouldn't be able to lead the team the way he should.... nice move Bush! But we don’t roll over that easy!


Janelle said...

Bush ticks me off. and i would so believe your "consiracy theory". haha. i'm not worried about our team at all...we will be just fine, even though we have a player drop out every week...we'll still be ok. i'm actually excited that so many young, new players are getting the chance. we'll show Bush and the stinkin' U.S.

betty said...

nathan you kill this what pastors do? screw starbucks..sign me up!