Monday, February 13, 2006

Not much today

So for those of you who heard about the atheist Italian man who was taking a Catholic priest to court because he was preaching that Jesus existed, the judge in Italy threw out the case. In fact the judge even went as far as recommending that the man be investigated for slandering the priest. I'm not really sure why this was even news, there is so much evidence of Jesus' existence. Oh well, dumb people will be dumb.

This is Nikolay Valuev he just won some heavy weight title or something like that. Who really cares, The reason I put him on here is because LOOK AT HIM! He's some giant out of a Bond movie. He's 7ft tall and Russian.... Do I smell movie contract?

And finally Niki and I went over to Ben and Cindy's last night for a friendly game of spoons. Let's just say that when you get enough pastors into a game chaos is not far behind. Cindy has video of the whole event and I think I'll have to try and steal it and put it up for sale on ebay. Anyway, thanks all of you for a great time. Let's do it again soon.


Erin Jayne said...

You are my blogging idol, I only wish I could blog as much as

Gil said...

That's an awesome pic man. I have to show that to Morgun.

Gil said...

In case you're wondering, I'm referring to this giant Russian boxer. (sorry this wasn't more profound)