Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blessed Be YOUR Name

So I got up early this morning and got into the car and started to drive to Winkler for a breakfast meeting. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty pumped for this meeting, I was going to get to talk with some other great youth pastors and eat breakfast in a restaurant . I mean what can possible be better than great company and scrambled eggs and hash browns? Well I was about 15 miles out of town when I started to notice that the car was making a lot more noise and that it wasn't driving quite right (well to be honest I didn't think it was doing to well the whole way... but it got worse) Well I finished my last half mile to a stop sign, crossed the road and was thinking to myself, "I'd better pull over and take a look" when this other car passed me and was pointing at my car mouthing "YOUR TIRE." So I get out and sure enough there is this smoking flat tire. Well I'm going to be honest and say that the first words out of my mouth were "Shit!" but then I started to think about it. And it wasn't really so bad. I mean it wasn't really cold or windy, I'd rotated the tires not that long ago so I knew I had everything I needed to change the tire, and did I mention it wasn't that cold out!? So I put on the hazards popped the trunk and set to work. Within seconds there were these two very old ladies in the car (you know the type that can't see over the steering wheel) well they stopped and asked me if I needed a ride, I said "no thanks I'm fine." And these people were the first in a VERY long line of cars that would stop me every couple of minutes and ask if I needed help, or a phone, or a ride, and on and on it went. I kept saying "No thanks I'm fine, I'll just finish this and go home." And most people took it at that and kept going, except for this one nice farmer named Brian, he got out and made sure I knew what I was doing, and kept me company as I finished tightening the nuts. I felt so blessed by the end of it to have people get out and offer help. I've decided that from now on I want to be the guy who gets out to MAKE SURE that they really are fine. Not just ask and keep going (Although, really, I WAS doing just fine on my own). Anyway I realized as I was driving back to Altona how truly great God is and all the good things He does for me. When I got back into town there was a lady who had skidded into a snow bank right by our apartment so I got out and helped push her out. I figured since so many people had stopped to help me I should do the same to some one else. And so now at almost 11 o'clock here I am in the office, with a new tire on the car, one hundred and fifty dollars less in the bank account, wet socks and pants, but VERY grateful for a wonderful God who is worthy of praise in ALL situations. So the lesson? Well I hope that next time something goes wrong my first response wouldn't be "shit" but it will be "Thanks God for this opportunity to see you work."
May each of you see the same thing in your own life today.
Oh! And about meeting with those youth pastors? Well there's always next week right!?

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