Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Appearance is everything. Let's not fool ourselves. I mean there is a mini crisis every morning when I have to try and decide what I am going to wear for the day (no my wife doesn't dress me... yet). I can't wear the same shirt twice in a row, not because it is filthy and hasn't been washed in weeks, but because someone might see me and remember that I wore that shirt yesterday.
When someone comes over for supper we spend the afternoon cleaning, and stuffing the boxes full of stuff that was supposed to go to MCC in a back room were no one will see it. We light the candles and fry some onions, so the house doesn't smell like the old people who live next door.
The other day Niki and I were in the mall wandering around (I got a great deal on a new winter coat!) and I was having my caffeine withdrawal so I went into the Starbucks in Chapters and bought a coffee. Two things! One, if it is that awkward for a Christian to come to church and understand what they are getting our churches need to change! and Second, I don't get all the hype. I mean it's not a bad brew but..... Anyway the whole point of the story is that even though I don't even really like the coffee I keep the cup in my office because it looks cool, and all post-modern pastors should drink Starbucks. Yup appearance is very thing. If only I could take on the only appearance that only matters, that of the Lord Jesus Christ.


matt giesbrecht said...

You picked a very interesting topic to write about. You know, I'm quite the opposite, but feel the same way. I don't care that much about my appearance: clothes, fashion, materials that I could do without out. I guess I'm a rebble towards the status quo. However, I feel the same about my moral appearance, that as a Christian I fail to emulate Christ. Hold on brother, I'm here for you. How about we pray for each other!

Erin Jayne said...

i hate coffee...except french vanilla...