Thursday, May 04, 2006


So Last night was a night of great expectations, and great disappointment. Needless to say all the talk at youth last night was our great hopes of watching an Oilers, flames series. 7 games double over time, battle of Alberta.... what could be better... after that I don't think I would even be interested in the Stanley Cup. So at nine we closed the Hub, kicked everyone out and went to a youth's to watch the last half of the second and the third...... what a disgusting game.... as much as it pains me to say, Calgary deserved to lose. I can sum up the reason they lost in two words, "NO HEART." Well I guess they can break out the golf clubs and go and join Vancouver working on their drive..... Oh well, always next year.... Now comes to dilemma, do I cheer for

Ottawa (yuck) or the

Oilers (the arch enemy)... well I'm open to suggestions... but I'm learning towards the Oilers... the underdog/at least they have some heart.

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Erin Jayne said...

out of those two, the last resorts, go edmonton, *sigh*