Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nathan Needs

So I saw this on another blog. A friend of Niki's (Jill) googled "Jill needs" and came up with a whole bunch of things that she needs. So I was thinking, this is a great idea! Instead of thinking and trying to figure out what I need and wasting all that precious brain time and effort, I could just let the internet tell me what I need. So here it is, Nathan Needs....

1) Nathan needs full assistance for all of his personal. care needs
3) Nathan needs the wisdom and energy
4) Nathan needs to leave the classroom to release his tics
5) Nathan needs a sharp-eyed sniper to take out a high-ranking North Vietnamese general.
6) Nathan needs an experienced dachshund owner and a fenced back yard
7) Nathan needs to select, read and make notes in more detail to deepen his understanding
8) Nathan needs a family able to cope with his special medical needs
9) Nathan needs a hamster!
10) Nathan needs to see a psychiatrist.
11) Nathan needs a fund of around £2m
12) Nathan needs a paycheck
13) Nathan needs a pep talk!
14) Nathan needs to stand on Scottish soil and breathe Scottish air
15) Nathan needs to be more assertive in having his voice heard.
16) Nathan needs is a chance to find himself,"
17) Nathan needs to work on his mental strength
18) Nathan needs money for a game
19) Nathan needs to stand naked more often
20) Nathan needs relief!!!!
21) Nathan needs to be occupied, otherwise he would thrash the children of our neighbors

Seriously this is all from the internet I didn't make any of these up., My personal favorite needs that I have (but didn't know I had) are #'s 1, 4, 21. And my favorite need that I acctually have is #14. Well now I know what to do with the rest of my day. Time to work on my needs... maybe I'll start with #17


Incoming... said...

gosh i wet myself...

matt said...

Well Nate, about your favourite need: all I have to say is "been there, done that." My trip was awesome. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask and I'll be happy to share.

Brad and Karla said...

i think that i need you NOT to satnd naked. but you do need help with your mental health