Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Polls, Emo, and a New Blog

So I should apologies I left this poll on for WAY to long but here are the final results. 77% of people would rather Spill red juice on the wedding dress (befor the pics) and 23% would rather say the wrong name at the alter... these must be the 23% of my readers who are not yet married.... what a bad idea, "uh I take you Helga.. !?! I mean Niki, to be my...." …not so smooth. Anyway check out my latest would you rather poll.

Dale has a great post on Boys in Tight pants you can even sign a petition to get boys to stop wearing girls pants... please sign and stop this fashion crime. Of course tight pants and emo are like peanut butter and jelly so if you are wondering all about emo, here is a interesting post on emo kids in Salt Lake City Link Here and if you're not sure what emo is you can read this first, What is Emo??

Also I would like to welcome Ben into the blogging world. Ben was the newbie pastor in the church here before I came along. I'm looking forward to some very interesting conversation from his posts. So make sure you check it out (no pressure Ben).


Ben said...

Thanks for the welcome. "Interesting converstaions"...well I hope so. Though we are going to have wait and see.

Karis said...

Oh how I love emo. I'm proud to see you've been listening to Death Cab for Cutie. When I come out, we'll have to talk about emo music...