Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Morning

So here I am stuck in a predicament. Two years ago I was traveling around Alberta with Gil and I came to see the light, and started to publicly announce my allegiance to the Flames. Now I should say that I'm not that much of a bandwagon fan. I have always loved the flames but in 93/94 when the Canucks played for the Stanley Cup I switched allegiance for a few years (what can I say Pavel Bure has always been my favorite player). Well then there were a number of years where I was a silent flames fan, I loved them, but I was scared to speak up. But then in 03/04 season against San Jose, I rediscovered my voice and have since stood against my good friends (most of whom cheer for Vancouver or Edmonton). But now I'm in a bit of trouble. I remember giving Koehn (and others) a hard time when they were cheering for San Jose against the Flames. I thought that we should put our petty differences aside for the sake of National Unity when we are playing against the States..... But now the tables are turned and the Oilers are looking like they could advance to the final..... and, while I like the Oilers more than either Carolina or Buffalo... I just don't think I could handle the harassment and snide remarks from all the Oilers fans I know. I mean realistically with all of the teams out there it could be a year or two before the Flames get another chance... All of this is to say that this morning when I checked the scores, my heart gave a little leap of joy when I saw that the Ducks SMOKED the Oilers last night... 6-3 IN Edmonton.
Well anyway if you can help I'd love your advice, but right now I'm sort of thinking, forget national unity, and lets go Anaheim!!!! Well this will give me a little something to talk with the other youth pastor's in town as we go and hit up the golf course today... yeah that will be nice!

On another note here is my Friday Cartoon


Gil said...

Hey Nate, remember watching Calgary-Detroit at Boston Pizza in Edmonton? Lots of bandwagon jumpers there, that's for sure. Me, I'm for national unity. I have trouble cheering for an American team with purple pants and a duck on its jersey so it's 'Go Oilers!' for me.

Nathan said...

Hey Gil, I do remember that Boston Pizza trip, that was my highlight of the tour. It was great. But I don't know, Might Ducks 1-3 were pretty cool movies so it's not so bad if they have purple pants... right? ... Right now I think I will probally just be silent, and hope to see some good hockey

Nick Boschman said...

So as a proud Oilers fan, I'll admit I cheered for the Flames on their run. Perhaps it was the Canadian in me, but moreso it was the great underdog story, and I do like those.

All I know is Selanne is one of the cockiest players I've ever seen, based strictly on his presence the Ducks should go down...and i think it's really more of an eggplant than purple Gil!

Brad and Karla said...

im glad you stayed with the flames. we canuck fans don't want any of that bandwagon hopping that you flames fans are well versed in. all i can say is GO OIL GO! (until next year when the canucks try for the cup again)

PS i still love you man, but i REALLY HATE THE FLAMES