Friday, May 05, 2006

Donald Miller

So here is just a great sermon by one of my favorite authors go and listen to Donald Miller at Mars Hill. Take the link and then go to April 23rd and download it. It is worth the listen... although you might want to skip the first 10 minutes and skip the Mars Hill announcements.

My favorite quote from the sermon.
Don was speaking to group of young people in a secular college, when he finished a girl stood up and said. “You talked about only briefly looking into other religions and then landed in Christianity how did you make a objective search.”

This was Don’s response,

“We need to agree that you are coming to the table with a Presupposition, and that is that Christianity is a religious or philosophical system. It isn’t. It isn’t a religious or philosophical system. It’s called a religious and philosophical system it’s been treated as a religious or philosophical system, but essential I’m not a Christian because I cognitively subscribe to certain ideas. I‘m a Christian because I know a deity, A being, this is a relational system., I’m a Christina because I have a relationship with Jesus and through Jesus I have relationship with god. It’s very different than subscribing to a series of ideas.

So essentially your question sounds to me like,
Don you are telling me you are in love with your wife, and yet you do not sleep with hundreds of other women to try to find a greater love. You see the difference. Love in a relational sense is exclusive. Intimate love in is exclusive. And so Jesus isn’t saying that God wants to be worshiped, and be your only choice, although that is true, but He wants love. “If we are going to love each other it’s only me, you can’t be with other guys.”
If a woman says this at the alter we say yes, yes. We don’t say oh she’s really controlling…..”

You’ll have to listen to the rest. It is actually really funny, and deeply profound. Essentially typical Donald Miller.
Also today if you'd like, you can go down to the links and see what I've been listening to this week... although I am a little confused, I didn't think I listened to Kelly Clarkson so much. YIKES!! Anyway check it out and see what I listen to.

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