Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Two interesting news stories for today. The first is about how Churches in England are using Karaoke to raise their plummeting church attendance (Full article here) It seems like people just aren't interested in singing the way they used to, so Churches are using the HT-300 Hymnal Plus from Hymn Technology Ltd. to take musical accompaniment to a whole new level! This crazy machine says that, "Besides featuring traditional tunes, the machine can blast a disco version of "Amazing Grace" and a jazzy variant of "The Lord's My Shepherd." The machine will play any song in a variety of styles, speeds, and keys, depending on the enthusiasm of the congregation. Users can choose from among 200 preset sound styles ranging from brass band to jazz piano." Wow... who needs a praise and worship band when you have one of these! At the end of the article there is a great line. "Many believe the Hymnal Plus to be the answer to every church's prayers." ... on a totally different note, youth band has now been disbanded, from now on we will only be singing the disco rendition of Amazing Grace....... yikes.

Another cool story that I found is about the Church in Nigeria. Right now it is exploding and, “many theologians say the ‘African century’ of Christianity is under way." It's a pretty interesting story. I'd like to go to one of their monthly services where there are 300,000 people praising God. Now that would be a service... I wonder if they use a HT-300 hymnal plus there...

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