Friday, September 29, 2006

It's Raining INSIDE!

So I woke up this morning at ten to seven. It was a dark and cloudy morning and I could hear the rain pouring and rushing down the eves. Slowly I got up and got ready to take Lennox for his morning walk. With each step I took towards the door my sense of dread grew, I did not want to step outside in driving rain and walk Lennox, I didn't want to have to ride my bike to my breakfast meeting after my walk with Lennox, I just wanted to stay in my nice warm bed. As I flicked on the outside light imagine my surprise to find that there was no rain coming down! True it was dark and wet, but there was no rain. So I slipped on my shoes and left with Lennox. Forty minutes later as I walked back to the house I saw that the basement light was on. And I realized that after hiding out last night (Niki had her Jr. Youth small group over) I had left the light on. So I tied Lennox up gave him some food and went downstairs to turn off the light. All of a sudden my senses were over run! Water beneath my feet, and the sound of pouring water in my ears... and what did my eyes see... that our hot water tank burst all down the seem and there was water in our basement! That lovely rain I had heard in the morning? Not rain, but water escaping the confines of it's tank. A quick call to Dwight (the man to call in any emergency) and I had stopped the water... and now the clean up continues. There is a plumber coming this afternoon to give us a new, more efficient, and hopefully dryer Hot water heater.
Well that's the news from here.

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