Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Few Sites

So I've come across a few nice sites for your enjoyment.
The first is DailyLit. This is a website that will email you short sections of different books each day, or once a week. There are hundreds of authors here like John Milton and Thomas Moore, Lao Tzu, Edgar Alan Poe, Plato Homer, Huxley and so on. It's a great way to get some of those classic books broken up for you so you just spend a bit of time reading each day.

The other site is RG Animation Studios. They have some very funny clips that I'm going to be using to start off youth nights. The ice climbing one just about killed me. Well worth the time to check out


Anonymous said...

hey man ... hope you are well. the animations aren't working on my computer ... the win. media player doesn't want to play them? did you use a different format?? just looking for some help ...


Nathan said...

Hey Dan, so I can't get the shorts to work either. I've found a few of them in some other places and I could Skype them to you sometime if you wanted. I can get the short films to work though, and those are pretty good. Sorry about the false lead