Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Sweet Show

Man Last night was SO awesome!!! I went to go and see Silverstein Moneen He is Legend and Underoath with Maggie and Ryan! What a sweet show! He is Legend Opened, up the show, since I hadn't ever heard them I thought they were pretty sweet. The lead singer did this sort of weird dance, and the one guitar player kept flexing for the crowd, while the other one looked like he was about to have a fit and walk off stage at any moment. But it was pretty sweet. Moneen played second... They were by far my favorite of the night! They had so much energy and charisma that part way through their set I realized that I just had the biggest smile on my face! I couldn't get rid of it!! I can't wait to see them again sometime. Silverstein was actually really good. I wasn't sure what to expect.... I was sort of expected them to start swearing and stuff, but they were really clean and put on a very good show. Finally Underoath took the stage. They were the whole reason I went in the first place... but after Moneen I couldn't have really cared less. That said their show was really good, their keyboard player is nuts!! But they only played a couple songs and then the lead singer was like "This next song is called... oh actually this is our last song." Apparently the other bands had taken too long and they had to close it down... plus their drummer had cut his hand somehow and was in a lot of pain drumming... so they left, and then they came out and played three more songs one of which was Some will seek forgiveness, others escape. It was awesome you could totally see some of the crowd worshiping and singing along. Yup! Such a sweet night!

One final thought. I was standing in one of the corners before the show just watching people walk around, and I was struck my something. The complete unoriginality of emo kids. I mean really I saw a lot of Alexisonfire shirts, lots of Underoath, and a few other bands. But pretty much every kid there was wearing a black band shirt (one of maybe 7 bands) and had tight pants (I saw WAY too many guys wearing girls pants last night) and a cell phone. I thought emo was supposed to be about originality and expressing yourself. But the only self I saw being expressed was the self that follows the crowd and does what everyone else does. I think the next time I go to a show I'm going to dress up like an old school Mennonite.


Anonymous said...

hey nathan! its richelle.... thats so awsome you saw that show cause i saw the SAME ONE on MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i heard you got a dog. thats cool. im jealous. well cya later! p.s. i love your sister!

Karis said...
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Karis said...

Hey Nate,
I too was at the show on Monday... didn't so much like the first three bands, but Underoath was worth every one of those $30... so good... but the question is: did you mosh? Cuz I sure as heck did!
p.s. I love Richelle