Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why Gil Grissom is like Jesus

Today is the season premiere of the greatest show on television. CSI season 7 kicks off tonight. Of course I have youth every Thursday, but fortunately I have a TV antenna now, so I can at least tape it and watch it later (anyone interested in coming over late Thursday nights?). So, anyway as I eagerly await the kick off of a new season, I was thinking about what spiritual lessons I can learn from this show.

And I decided that Gil Grissom really reminds me of Jesus. What I mean by this is that like Jesus, Gil is a mentor and father to the people on his shift. For example, in Season 2 Episode 3 (Ellie) Grissom hands the responsibility of night shift over to Warrick. Warrick doesn't have as much seniority as Nick or Sara, and he might not even be the best CSI for the job, but Grissom gives him the night shift anyway. Throughout the seasons you can see Grissom grooming Warrick and helping him to be the best CSI possible. And it isn't just Warrick, you can see it in the way he treats all of the CSIs, he expects them to learn from his example and carry it on.

Catherine gets it, she takes Greg under her wing in Season 4 and starts to train him up so he can come out of the lab and into the field. Like all good mentors Grissom, Warrick, Catherine, Greg
take others and train them to become better than they are, much like Jesus did.

Jesus chose disciples who might not have been all that great, all that ready, and gave them a great responsibility to pass on the message of the gospel. He took them from the lab (a normal monotonous life) and took them into the field (a more fulfilling life). I also see Jesus in the way that Grissom is a very tolerant person, and it is not often that you see him become upset at a suspect or other people that take part in odd behavior (Fur and Loathing is a prime example). Actually the only time that he has ever lost his cool is with cops who aren't on the straight and narrow (Pharisees).

It goes without saying that Grissom falls very short of how wonderful Jesus is, and perhaps I've stretched things a little far to justify my addiction to this awesome show, but at the same time I do see Jesus in it, and I think there are some great lessons there to be learnt.


Freezer said...

Notice that in the picture he has 7 disciples the very number of those that were chosen to minister to the widows in Jerusalem as well as the number of disciples that Paul had with him on his final trip to Jerusalem. Hmmm. Hope you're having fun at the Youth Leader's Retreat even though you have to endure another weekend with Marv.

Keith said...

That's cool that you can find a connection like that, but serriously CSI Miami has always been the better show!
oh ya and Underoath played here a while back and I got to see them for the first time. amazing guys, tons of energy littereally hanging from the rafters at the show it was great they out rocked all the non christian bands. as far as drummers go saw Kutless last Thursday man he's (drummer) freaking fast almsot as fast as the drummer from Pennywise. old school mennos all the way

Nathan said...

Well Keith, I'm going to have to disagree, Miami not only has the problem of being a knock off of the original, it also has some of the WORST acting I've ever seen. Vegas will always be the best.
I'm going to see Kutless on Friday so I'm pretty stoked that they have a good show.

oh and Patrick thanks for spotting the 7. I wish I did that on purpose...