Friday, September 01, 2006

Basketball, piano, and a Rotti

Man!! Who doesn't love a David and Goliath story... especially when the Goliath is the U.S. This morning I woke up to hear that Greek basketball team, a team with NO NBA players had beaten the U.S. team 101-95 (Story here) well, that just started my morning right.

Last night Niki and I played around with our living room furniture trying to figure out where to put her piano (it's coming in a few weeks). We basically decided that we didn't want to move anything, we like our house the way it is. Also the options for where we can put a piano are very limited (only one wall in our living room that isn’t an outside wall)... so we're just going to shove the couch down the wall a bit and stick the piano in there. I guess it will work. Niki and I are both looking forward to being able to play again. Despite the space issue we are both looking forward to having it around.

Also the search for a dog has begun! Earlier in the summer I expressed my desire for a furry companion, well now that I have to go ahead, I have begun to scour the web looking for the perfect companion. One that will do well alone for the day, but that is also ready for some good activity with me. And I have found one that I think is perfect. It is a 2 year old Rotti Shepherd cross. Despite their reputation Rottweilers are actually very friendly dogs, and both Shepherds and Rotti's are supposed to do well inside, as long as they get enough exercise. So yeah... here's a picture of what the dog COULD look like... Niki says it looks like a fat German Shepherd, but I like the big heads. So lets have a vote. Let me know if you think it's an ugly dog, or a sweet mans dog.


Nick Boschman said...

Add a spiked collar and it's a sweet man's dog, keep that red collar and it's probably a sweet dad's dog, so take your pick.

Janelle said...

i think that looks like a great dog!! better looking than a shepherd!! it'll get super big though won't it?

Muffin said...

shoot, man, i want a dog like that! that will be so sweet!

Niki said...

I'll add my vote, just so it doesn't look like it's unanimous (how do you spell that?!)...I think it kinda looks like a German Shepherd. You know, a german shepherd that's fat?