Thursday, September 28, 2006

Weirdo Loose In Toba!

Now I realize that Koehn is going to say, "Yeah, tell me something new, Manitoba is full of weirdos" but you have to understand. Something very frightening happened as I was watching Breakfast Television this morning as I ate my Special K. Host Jon Ljungberg was learning how to play the West African Xylophone and everything was nice and light hearted, and then I read this on the scrolling news headlines below, "Dangerous Mental Patient escaped." Suddenly the milk in my cereal curdles, my palms grow sweaty and I stay glued to the TV waiting for more info... where is he? Is it even a he? Or is it a crazy lady? What does he/she look like? How dangerous? All I know is that there is some dangerous psycho running around my province with a weird haircut and..... and… what! How do I avoid him/her if I don't even know what he/she looks like? Is he/she loose in Thompson? Or Winkler (Of course a strange person from Winkler is hardly worthy of the news. I still think they need to put a fence around Winkler to keep all those crazies off the roads) Where is he/she? Fortunately the latest on Belinda Stronach's scandal with Mr. Domi came on and I was diverted.

I was thinking, maybe Belinda should be our next Prime Minister, with the way she keeps making the news with all her relationship stuff, and the way she has destroyed the Domi household (of course that is purely conjecture because nothing is confirmed) it would be like having our own version of Clinton. Maybe the country is going down the tubes, but at least there would be something interesting to talk about at coffee. Besides it's so hard to be scared of a crazy looney when you can just watch the news and see how messed up Ottawa really is.

Anyway, last night we didn't have Sr. Youth (going to see Kutless on Friday) and I had the chance to watch Lost. Last night they did a recap of the whole story. My biggest complaint with Lost is that I was in Bible school when the first season came out, and I never knew what was going on. Last year I tried to give it a chance, and I would catch the ocasional episode. I loved the show, but still struggled to get into it. BUT NOW!!! Now I have seen the story, I feel like I have a bit of a grasp on it, and I am SO excited for this next season. It has great acting, an amazing story, and I can't wait to see what happens this year. The VCR is all set to tape every Wednesday night. Any of you interested in coming over after youth to watch? The Altona chapter of Dan King's Lost club?? Anyway, I'm pretty pumped to watch this year. Oh! If anyone has the first two seasons on DVD and wouldn't mind loaning them out, I would love to watch them, so let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Nathan,
I'm back in Altona, so I had to catch up on reading your (and Niki's) blog (can't access blogs at school). The mental patient that escaped is the cousin of someone in my dorm. Crazy! I figured I'd let you know that....anyways have a super day! (and say HI to Niki for me; although I'll probably see you guys in church)!