Monday, September 11, 2006


So I was walking back from Parkside School with Lennox (I was dropping off a sign for our Jr. Youth Kick Off) and I started to think about a few things. The first is since I got Lennox my eyes have been opened to a whole new world. Every bush, twig, and leaf, is just an adventure waiting to happen. On our morning walks we stop a million times every block because he has to sniff the sewer, the hedge, some nice ladies flower garden. There are a few lessons there for me. The first is to see the wonder of God in everything, even the dead leaf blowing across a desolate street. And the second is that I need to slow down on the goal, and enjoy the walk. I keep pulling Lennox along by the leash, telling him we have to go, we have to get back home. But to Lennox it is not about the trip it's about experiencing everything the world has to offer. I can't imagine God pulling me along by a leash telling me that I'd better hurry along and get to the destination. I believe he wants me to enjoy His world. So my new goal is to enjoy those sunrises I see when I walk Lennox, to savor the taste of my coffee, it smile at how Lennox chases leaves, to take pleasure in every moment with my wife... to love the life that is a gift from God. Just one moment that made me smile. The other morning I came into the breezeway to get Lennox for his walk and I saw that somehow he had gotten my sandals and taken them to bed with him. It really made be feel so special, and really started my day off right. He is such a wonderful dog.

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matt said...

It's amazing how God can even reveal himself in the little things, even a walk with your dog. Yay for dogs, I can't wait to get one. I'm glad you added to your family, even if your new arrival is a canine!