Monday, October 02, 2006

Kutless, Jazz, and the Opera

So I have to say that the last few weeks have been great for concerts and such. First there was the Underoath show (which was incredible) and then on Friday we took the youth to see Kutless... well we took the youth to see Kutless, but I went to see Stereotrap (which I missed because we were late). And then on Sunday night Niki and I went with the churches college and career to see Blue Like Jazz Live! The Kutless concert was... ok, after seeing Underoath and Moneen... well let's just say that Kutless isn't quite on the same level. But it was fun Dwight and I took the role of old guys in the pit! It was fun to jump and scream my head around like I was cool or something.... I decided that if I was in a band then I could actually be cool. So my goal for the rest of my life... Find some people to be in a band with me... so we can act like idiots for the rest of our lives.

But the show I was REALLY looking forward to was Blue Like Jazz Live. It is a one man show that acts out Donald Miller's Book Blue Like Jazz (obviously). Anyway it was AWESOME! We had front row seats so we could catch everything. It was funny, deep, and thought provoking (everything that Miller's book is) I have to say if you ever have the chance you need to see this show, go with some friends and then go for a drink of your choice and talk about it. And if you never get the chance to see it... I bought the DVD and while it is not AS good, it is pretty sweet!

Now as if this weren't enough there is more. On Saturday Niki and I are going to see the Phantom of the Opera. In Niki's post Skittles, Alf, and Ecclesiastes she talks about "dates in the city that cost a lot but are sponsored by a third party" Well that is this date (Thanks Steve and Diane). I really can't wait for it. I have loved the music from this score for YEARS, and I have always wanted to see it, and now I will!!!

So on a completely different note. I had been planning this SWEET surprise for Niki. I was going to fly her best friend out from Saskatchewan pick her up at the airport and then bring her into the house and Niki was going to be shocked and so happy! Well Marsha and I had been emailing and Niki sometimes checks my email at work so I told her she couldn't look at it. When she asked why I replied with the classic "Don't worry about it." Instead of leaving it and not worrying about it like I asked her she starts to think about it which makes her all suspicious and upset... did I mention she was upset? Well I accidentally let her see that Marsha and I had emailed (rookie mistake... gosh!! I'm better than that!) anyway she spent all of Sunday night just ticked at me because she thought I was... I don't know... cheating on her!?? Eventually she cornered me and I had no choice, but to let her know... *sigh* It took me two years to think of something this good. Now I have to go back to the drawing board. If any of you guys have some tips on how to lie to your wife I'm more than willing to take some advice at this point, because it just doesn't seem like anything works. I just hope Marsha will still come out.


lilene said...

Blue Like Jazz Live is indeed GREAT. I saw it here in Calgary last fall. Fabulous show. I would probably recommend not lieing to your wife in the future. Generally when I'm planning surprises that require lieing I don't lie so much as tell the truth "creatively". In your particular case it probably would have been best to set up a completely separate email account to email Marsha with, given that Niki checks you're regular one. Sometimes if you tell the truth sarcastically like it's the most ridiculous thing in the world it will get rid of the suspicion and you can tell them you didn't lie. Anyway this is a really long comment so I'm leaving now. Say hi to Niki for me!

Anonymous said...

NATHAN!!!! I can't believe you let her find out!!! All you had to do was push the DELETE BUTTON!!! :) oh well I'll see you in less than 2 mths!

Nathan said...

Thanks anonymous... I am quite aware of how I screwed up. What I'm looking for are ways that I won't do that again.... looking forward to seeing you too

older and wiser?!? said...

Get a different temporary email address.... hotmail, gmail, yahoo all work....I've done it and they're never the wiser!