Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hollywood Fashion

It seems like the big Hollywood fashion accessory this year is the African child. Angelina Jolie started this a while ago with her adoption of... well who knows what the kids name is. Anyway then after she got together with Brad they adopted another one. Now Madonna is making waves because she adopted a child from a country that doesn't really adopt out children. Today I heard that she is talking about adopting another little girl from the same village. Now here is the kicker, today I heard that Brittany Spears is considering having a third child, but since she doesn't want to get fat again she is going to adopt a child from.... AFRICA!! Yup, I hate to be a cynic (well actually I don't) but it seems to me that this is just a trend to get some attention and seem like you're a nice person. I'm reading Shake Hands with the Devil by Romeo Dallaire and in the beginning of the book he talks about when he was in Rwanda he and the government agreed that they wouldn't adopt out the children. The reason? Because the money it costs to adopt a child could be put to better use building orphanages and keeping the children in their home country. I think I sort of understand what Madonna and Angelina are trying to do, but is it really the best for the children? Couldn't they do other things? And it's not like them adopting Children is going to make all sorts of Americans sit up and go, "Oh I should do that and help those kids." Because a lot of Americans don't have the kind of money it takes to fly to Africa and adopt a kid. One other thing that really got me was that, on TV, they said that the Nanny was the one carrying this new child into the house. Who is going to be raising these children anyway? Until now I've never seen Madonna with any of her other kids? Nope it seems to me that while mommy and daddy are busy touring the world the kids get left behind with the Nanny... and the kids? They become nothing more than a Hollywood Fashion Fad.

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