Wednesday, June 28, 2006

To Go with the Last Post

Just in case you were wondering, Tide does NOT make your Whites clean again, but Jesus can clean your soul!!

This is me (Below). Man I don't think I have EVER been that dirty in my life, and I have a real gift for getting dirt all over my clothes.


Incoming... said...

couldn't post on your last one so...
Thanks for giving me the idea for the one summer event event I had yet to plan. I used to do these mud magic nights and I had taken them out of my repertoire but I will gladdly ressurect it - great pics
and good on ya on press and grinder
remember 3 3/4 minutes to 4 minutes for the best in taste and you'll have to experiment with the grind you don't want it too coarse but never err on the side of too fine. With those blade grinders it takes a little experimentation before you get things consistently working for you. But hey that is half the fun.

Nathan said...

Hey Thanks for the info on the Press. I'm looking forward to the experimentation. I haven't had the chance to yet (trying to finish off the coffee I have before I move on to the new stuff). Our youth totally loved the mudfest! A great event