Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Artistry of God

So I am currently reading Thomas Shmidt's book A Scandalous Beauty. It was a text book for some class of Niki's and I remember thinking it looked interesting, so this week I have really dived into it, and I have to say it is really quite good. I believe Shmidt's object is to make us fall in love with Christ all over again. And it has been happening to me. I love the beauty of the Cross. There is a beauty and depth in the cross that I had never realized before. It is like the beautiful weaving that I have in my office, from far away it is a beautiful piece of art, but when you get closer it becomes even more amazing that all those threads can intersect and create such beauty. It is also a short and easy read, so it won't take you away from all those deep theological books that you read so you feel smart :D

Just one quote that I really liked about how the cross can be a stumbling block to people,
"I believe that if we could go back in time and set up a formal debate between Jesus and a leading Pharisee of the day like Gamiliel or his student Saul, using the tools of interpretation that we would use today to interpret the relevant documents, the Pharisee would win. And that is precisely my point - and I think, I believe, I hope, the point of Jesus. Being right- having the best arguments, compiling the most evidence, even living in exemplary consistency with one's beliefs - does not always make a person right (Pg 51)."


Drewfus said...

Hello Nathan... Well buddy, have to say today was the first time i've seen your blog, and it made me miss being wall-buddies with you. Made me miss the days of borrowing your Riley Armstrong cd's... Alas' But I am glad to see that life is treating you well, glad to see you and Niki having a house and all that. (have to say i'm amazed by the inside to outside contrast!) God Bless you both, and if your ever in the Calgary Alberta area come on and visit! Oh, and if you bored you can check out me' blog. www.newlens.blogspot.com

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