Friday, June 02, 2006

Sports, and Music

So today is looking very promising. It is super warm outside, not a cloud in the sky. And Niki and I got free tickets to go watch the Bombers and Alouettes!! And we're not sitting in the nose bleed section either. Nope not us, row 33, just a little ways above the rich people!! I'm very excited. I'm taking the afternoon off and then we're going to go and maybe look at a piano that is for sale, walk around Assiniboine Park, and then catch the football game! I was sitting in the Hub (our youth facility) waiting for a couch that was being delivered and I was just so thankful to God for all the blessings He pours out!

In other blessings Carolina beat Buffalo so it's looking like a really sweet Stanley Cup final. Technology is so cool! We were on the bus coming back from Winnipeg last night with our Jr. Youth, and I was talking with one of our youth leaders and I asked him if he knew who was playing Edmonton, and he was like, “Oh that’s tonight!” and he opened his phone and checked the scores. So amazing what we can do now!

World Cup starts in a few days and it looks like it will be pretty sweet. I'm hoping that Paraguay will make a strong showing (yeah I'm biased because my wife was born there)

Also I'd love to see the Netherlands do well. Of course there are the power houses England and Brazil.

In a bizarre news story Dark Man X (also known as DMX) is thinking about changing his name to "The Dog" for "Spiritual reasons." Read story here. And if you are wanting to test your U2 knowledge check out this QUIZ

Well that's all for now. Have a great day.

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Erica R said...

Hey Nathan,

Sounds exciting - talk about the perfect date for you and Nikki, there nothing quite like the CFL.

It is truly something that I enjoy. As a matter of fact I happen to have tickets to the Riders game tomorrow. I think my boys will make me proud.