Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh the bane of my existence

Organization, I can't do it!! But you just can't live without it. Now you see the problem with being disorganized is that every once in a while (say 2ish months) everything catches up to you. All of a sudden you realize you preach in two weeks, you are leaving for conference/holidays in two weeks, and you still have a ton of other stuff to do first. Oops! The result is a day or two of stress, and hard work, and then, whew your free! … hopefully… All that said a few days ago I said I was going to make an effort to organize my day to day life better, so far that has been working pretty well, so maybe I'll learn to avoided this in the future. Well this has to be a short one, but I’ll get back into the blogging world in a few days.

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Phil Irish said...

Hey Nathan.
I have some organizational disabilites, too.
My buddy Blair Bertrand (see his blog at lent me a book that has helped me big-time.

The book is "Getting Things Done," by David Allen. I had to modify it some, since I'm not an office guy, but it still works.