Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A few thoughts before leaving

So here is a great game to test your typing skills. It starts sort of slow, but pretty soon I was all tense doubled over my keyboard, so check out Spell fast or Die.

So I'm leaving for a week today, off to Charlotte NC, of course today we have the worst weather of the year so far. But we'll go slow, and eventually we'll get away from all the snow. I have some mixed feelings about going. One minute I am bouncing off the walls I am so excited, and then the next I feel very guilty for leaving my wife alone for a week. I really hate leaving Niki. My times with her are the best part about life... and I'm not just being stupidly romantic or anything, I actually believe it.

So I took this video the other day, and I thought I would show you what Lennox does every morning when I come home from work. This dog gets so excited to see me!!! This is why people have dogs, it makes them feel so great about themselves.

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