Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Teaching Colossians Days 1 and 2

So for those of you who regularly read my blog, you will know that over the last few months I have been preparing to teach the book of Colossians at Winkler Bible Camp for their Cross Current program. Well I have now completed my 2nd class, and having spent a total of 6 hours teaching we are all the way to Colossians 2. Yup, I might have over prepared just a little. By this point I was planning on being well into the 2nd chapter. I'm starting to think that we might not get it all done. Now all of this said, I have been really enjoying it. It is a wonderful experience to take what I have been learning and immersing myself in for the last two months or so, and pass it on. I have also discovered a new appreciation for my College profs. It is tough work getting people too; first of all care about what you are saying, and secondly keep them interested in what you are saying. I think that I can say that as of right now I am not a great Bible teacher. Hopefully one day that will come (I know that I have already learnt so much, and I know I would do things differently next time) but right now... there is still a ways to go. But there are these moments in class when I know I have them, I know that what I am saying is getting home, it makes sense, and they are interested. These are great moments, that I wish I could hold on too. But usually they last for a few minutes and then they slump back into that morning glaze that I remember so well from my time sitting at the desk. But in those moments I am encouraged to keep going, that hopefully in some of the excitement that I can bring about what Paul has to teach us about the person of Christ Jesus their lives will be changed. So keep praying for me as we dig into the word, it really means a lot. Thanks.

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