Thursday, November 30, 2006

Knoxville TN

So here we are on the way to NYWC Charlotte. We had been driving 26 hours straight, with only a short stop in Chicago because DAN felt like "touring." So we were just a few minutes away from Knoxville Tennessee when we hear a loud noise, our battery power drops, our warning lights on the dash start screaming at us, our power steering goes and our breaks... well their not so hot either. We pull in to a gas station thankful that at least we made it into a big city, and we're not sitting on the interstate or is some small hick town.

Something that is very evident to all of us here is the presence and provision of God. We have been praying continually since this happened, and truly God is caring for us. We were able to get a very cheap hotel, and a great tow-truck driver. And at least as far as we know, we haven't totally destroyed the engine.

We are hoping that by one this afternoon everything will be fixed (So far the impression is that it is our water pump) and we can drive the last four hours to Charlotte. Unfortunately it sounds like we are missing our critical concerns course today, but hopefully we'll be there for the evening and we'll be able to catch everything else tomorrow morning.

So feel free in joining us in worshiping God for providing, and asking Him for a cheap, quick fix, so we can make it to Charlotte NYWC.

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